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When To Change Lawn Mower Blade

The blades are one of the most important parts of a lawn mower – if not the most important. If the blades are dull, cutting grass will be a difficult and frustrating experience. The blades may seem small size, but there is more to the blade that meets the eye… or the grass. Blade Maintenance: […]


Can Lawn Mowers Get Wet

One of the most important things to remember when using a lawn mower is to operate it only when the grass is dry. Therefore, as much as possible, one is advised not to use the lawn mower if the grass is damp. Rust Problems: Can Lawn Mower Get Wet without Rusting? In line with that […]


Gas vs Electric Lawn Mower

Keeping a lawn mower around is a handy way to keep the yard clean and manicured. Sometimes doing the manual cutting of the grass in the front and back yard is more work and stress than you can handle with a traditional grass cutter, so getting a lawn mower to do the work will make […]


When to Buy Lawn Mower

Tired of using a grass cutter to cut the grass and weed out the weeds in the garden? Is the yard too wide for one to do manual cutting? Then one should start thinking of buying a lawn mower to make the chore of maintaining the yard easier and stress-free. But when to buy lawn […]


How Lawn Mowers Work

It is not every day that one can have the time and energy to maintain the front yard, back yard, and garden. Manually pulling the weeds and cutting the grass can have a therapeutic effect to the one doing it. It also adds to that personal touch when one wants to get involved in garden […]

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