Different Myths About Lawn Care

Different Myths About Lawn Care

Lawn care comes with different facts and myths that you may want to learn especially if you have a home garden. Let us discuss the latter. Here are some common misconceptions:

Myths About Lawn Care: Beer or cola can serve as fertilizers.

This is one of the common claims about lawn care. But take note that this is simply not true. As a matter of fact, sugary drinks will not keep a lawn healthy in the same way that it does not make you healthy. Moreover, take note that the yeast in beer encourages fungus, not healthy microbes, to grow.

The greater the amount of everything, the healthier your lawn will be.

This applies to all lawn care practices you do; for instance, applying fertilizer and running the irrigation system. Some think that two bags of fertilizer is better than one, or running the irrigation system for 20 minutes is better than doing it for 10 minutes only. But the reality says there are maximum numbers for each practice you do. For a healthier lawn, you should do everything in moderation.

If you can’t water your lawn, fertilizing can’t do any good.

For your information, turf grasses enter the dormancy state during the times when there is not enough rainfall. They may turn brown during those times, but they still remain alive and the lawn normally emerges from dormancy. So whether or not there is enough water for your lawn, see to it that you maintain a proper fertilizer regime.

Lawns are unnatural.

Lots of people think lawns are synthetic materials. But the truth is they are organic systems that contain turf grasses, bacteria, fungi, earthworms, insects, and other life forms that coexist. It is for these organisms that we get to enjoy the sports and recreation lawns we have today.