How To Buy A Lawn Mower

How To Buy A Lawn Mower

Having a lawn mower at home is very convenient because it makes garden or yard maintenance easy, fast, and effortless and stress-free. There is something to be said about cleaning the yard and doing it properly. However, buying a lawn mower is one thing and choosing the correct lawn mower is another.

It is important to know how to buy a lawn mower in order to choose the best mower that is suitable for one’s yard. Different yards would need different types of lawn mowers, so one cannot stress enough the importance of knowing how to buy a lawn mower. With it also goes what features to look for and what things to avoid.

How to Choose and How to Buy a Lawn Mower

In knowing how to buy a lawn mower, there are several things to consider. First would be the shape and the size of the lawn to be mowed. Second is to choose the power source of the lawn mower. The third is to decide whether the lawn mower should collect grass clippings or not.

And fourth is to determine what kind of cut the lawn mower should make. Knowing the answers to these four (4) considerations will lead one to picking the best lawn mower for one’s front and back yards.

The type of lawn mower to buy would depend largely on the size of the yard. To help in determining the size of the lawn, it should be divided into small, medium and large lawns. An electric lawn mower is perfect for small laws. A hover lawn mower is also capable of getting the job done quickly

. A hand lawn mower is also preferred because there is no need to use gas and oil just for it to work. For medium lawns, a gas lawn mower is preferable because of its added power, but a cordless electric lawn mower is also a good choice. And for large lawns, a gas lawn mower is the perfect choice because it is more durable and designed for heavy duty use.

Lawn Mowers for Different Purposes

There are three (3) types of lawn mowers to choose from when it comes to purpose. If one wants a lawn mower that could give a neat finish while cutting at low heights, or one with adjustable cutting heights, or where collection bags can be attached, or one that can make fine and short cuts, then go for the cylinder lawn mower.

If one plans to use the lawn mower for different lawn types and rough grass types, or a lawn mower that can propel itself, or can be attached to clipping bags, then the rotary lawn mower is a very likely candidate.

If, on the other hand, one prefers a lawn mower that uses rotating blades while hovering over the grass, or a lightweight and small lawn mower that could reach small and tight areas, or one that can be moved in all directions, or a cheap machine to make the cut but not of even quality, then one should seriously think of buying a hover lawn mower to satisfy your needs.

Lawn Mower Terms

Also, there are terms one should be familiar with in picking a lawn mower. Having an idea what these terms mean would help to choose the best lawn mower for one’s yard. Some of the terms that one will encounter are:

Cutting width – this refers to the lawn mower’s blade. A small lawn would mostly require at least 30 cm. cutting width. A medium yard would need at least 35 cm. to 40 cm. while the large lawn would prefer at least 46 cm. cutting width. The bigger the cutting width, the more area the lawn mower can cover.

Cutting height – this refers to the height of the grass to be cut. Initial mowing would require the highest cutting height, but as the mowing progresses and done regularly, the cutting height needed is slowly decreased until it reaches the minimum cutting height.

Grass collection box – this refers to the box that collects the grass clippings after being cut. There are lawn mowers that have collection boxes while there are also those which do not allow the attachment of a grass box.

Self-propelled – this refers to lawn mowers that do not need the manual guidance of the operator in cutting the grass. Using this type of lawn mower would make the mowing experience easier.