What are the Types of Lawn Mowers?

What are the Types of Lawn Mowers

The market has a giant list of great lawn mowers, and each of them belongs to a certain type. Being knowledgeable about the different types of lawn mowers is crucial; and failing to do so may lead to numerous unfavorable events. When choosing equipment, you need to make sure it suits your lawn.

Different types of lawn mowers:

Petrol Mower

This is the traditional type of lawn mower. It has been used by people for numerous decades now. Compared to other types of mowers, petrol mowers can do more powerful cuts. However, they are heavier and harder to push. Luckily, some of the new models come with a self-propelling feature, which lessens the effort needed to do the job.

From the name itself, you can tell petrol mowers are gas powered. Although new types are coming out on the market today, they are not likely to go out of style because of their superior strength.

Electric Mower

An electric mower refers to any mower – rotary or cylinder – powered by electricity. Compared to the traditional petrol mower, it is lighter to push. It is cheaper to operate because you don’t need to buy gas for each use.

However, electric mowers are not as powerful as petrol. But they work really well in small- and medium-sized areas. They can likewise work quietly, so you can use them at any time of the day.

Robotic Mower

Do you wish to have a mower that can just work by itself? Well, it is possible to have one in these modern days. Just like any robotic equipment, you don’t have to closely monitor or control it. Just place a border wire around the area that you want to be cut, and you’re good.

As expected, its main disadvantage is its high price. But if you can afford it and if you really want to enjoy a convenient way of cutting your lawn without operating a mower, then buying a robotic mower is one great option for you.