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What Is A Self Propelled Lawn Mower?: An All-You-Need-To-Know Guide About This Handy Equipment

What Is A Self Propelled Lawn Mower?: An All-You-Need-To-Know Guide About This Handy Equipment

Do you have a yard that you wish to take care of all by yourself? If you do not have any idea where to start, allow us to help you out and introduce to you one of the basics when it comes to yard care—mowing.

Some of us choose to use an old-fashioned reel lawn mower, while others, especially those with medium-sized yards, opt for a self-propelled one. So, what is a self propelled lawn mower?

Having a perfectly manicured lawn comes down to proper maintenance. During the active growing seasons, a.k.a summer and springtime, mowing the lawn becomes a once-a-week chore that most of us do not really look forward to doing.

However, thanks to the advancement in technology, we are now lucky to have a vast selection of lawn mowers that can make this chore a lot more bearable. So, instead of putting off the inevitable, we actually anticipate the next time we get to bask under the sun while breathing in the scent of freshly cut grass.

What is a Self Propelled Lawn Mower?

Back in the day, lawn mowers are powered not by gas but with sweat. Traditional lawn mowers require the operator to push the equipment forward without the help of modern technology that we enjoy today.

Back then, mowing lawns was a tedious and exhausting task that requires time, effort, and energy.

Nowadays, we make use of self-propelled mowers. So, what is a self propelled lawn mower, you ask? This remarkable and practical yard maintenance equipment is technically a walk-behind mower, which is relatively similar to reel types. This means that it requires the operator to stand and walk behind it, control it, and guide it as it performs its job.

However, unlike reel lawn mowers that do not have an engine, self-propelled mowers run on either gasoline or electricity as its main power source. Those that are powered by electricity are further subdivided into corded or cordless types. It uses a rotary cutting mechanism that can trim almost any type of grass.

Other Types of Lawn Mowers

Aside from reel and self-propelled lawn mowers, there are other types known as ride-on, hover, and robotic mowers. Ride-on lawn mowers are exactly what the name suggests.

These are designed with controls and a seat, much like a fusion between a lawn mower and a tractor. This type of lawn mower is best used on larger yards.

Hover mowers, on the other hand, are equipped with an impeller that pushes air downwards, thereby lifting the mower above the ground. They are made of lightweight materials, making them very easy to maneuver. Those with relatively smooth terrains, like in a golf course, choose this type of lawn mower.

Robotic lawn mowers boast the ability to cut grass without supervision. It wanders around the yard, contained within a border wire that maps the size of the area to be trimmed. Within the border also lies the recharging dock, which it automatically finds when it reaches a low battery status.

How Do Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers Work?

Self-propelled lawn mowers come in many variations. They can either have single or variable speed controls to allow for customization.

It works by using a speed control mechanism, which can be found on the handle or a separate lever. This speed control feature causes the mower to move forward without the operator having to push it.

This type of lawn mower can either be a rear-, front-, or all-wheel drive mower. A rear-wheel, self-propelled lawn mower offers an improved traction, which is perfect for mowing slopes.

They usually come with a bagger to catch cut grass in. Front-wheel drive models are ideal to use on flat lawns because they are very easy to operate.

A self-propelled lawn mower with an all-wheel drive makes it possible to trim grass on hilly, uneven terrain easily. Most models are capable of providing increased power and balance on each of the four wheels, thus making it very stable even when using a bagger.

On Using a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Larger Coverage, Less Effort

With a self-propelled lawn mower, you can trim a quite large piece of land or a heavily weeded area without having to exert much effort. All you have to do is guide it around your yard to ensure that every nook and cranny is taken care of.

Equipped with Safety Features

The blades on a lawn mower are very sharp and can cause injury when not carefully handled. Fortunately, most models have a blade override feature where you can automatically signal the blades to stop for when you need to empty the bag, pick up some twigs and sticks, or clear the area of stones and other obstacles.

Requires Regular Maintenance

For the reason that this equipment runs on fuel, it needs regular checkups and maintenance, especially models that run on gasoline. They are also very expensive and need to be cleaned thoroughly after every use.

Environmental Effect

If you wish to lessen your carbon footprint, self-propelled lawn mowers that operate on gasoline is not the way to go because these models have higher emissions compared to its counterparts. For those who try to be as eco-friendly as possible, then the old-fashioned reel lawn mowers are a better option.

Final Words

While manual, reel lawn mowers provide a rather healthy solution to mow lawns, the convenience that self-propelled lawn mowers remain unmatched, especially when you need to maintain a large yard. They are also capable of cutting grass on slopes with minimal effort as compared to using a reel lawn mower.

When it comes to self-propelled lawn mowers, there are some who are scared that the engine would be too strong and overtake their power over the mower. Rest assured that with good quality models, you are totally in control and you can turn it on or shut it off for easy maneuverability.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are also guaranteed to last for many years with proper care and maintenance by the operator. Ultimately, it all comes down to you putting down the extra effort in finding the right model that matches your specific needs and preferences.

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