When to Buy Lawn Mower

Purchasing a Lawn Mower: Types and Buying Tips for You

Tired of using a grass cutter to cut the grass and weed out the weeds in the garden? Is the yard too wide for one to do manual cutting? Then one should start thinking of buying a lawn mower to make the chore of maintaining the yard easier and stress-free. But when to buy lawn mower, one might ask?

Summer or Fall: When to Buy Lawn Mower

Like any other seasonal tools and equipment, the best time when to buy lawn mower is when the demand for such a product is low. Hence, for the lawn mower, the best time when to buy lawn mower is during the month of September or at early fall when the summer has just ended.

Before the mowing season comes, it is best to buy lawn mowers. Buying lawn mowers during said season would also give customers cheaper purchase prices.

Mowing the Lawn

One way of taking care of the lawn is to give it regular mowing. Mowing the lawn has two main benefits. The first benefit one can get out of conducting regular mowing is the aesthetic value that it gives the yard or the garden. After mowing the lawn, the effect can be immediately seen.

Doing regular mowing of the lawn would keep the grass in the yard clean, even, and short. It will also give the yard an orderly look and manicured appearance, which is a nice sight to behold.

The second benefit, although not immediately apparent after the mowing, is more important. Regularly mowing the yard will keep the lawn healthy and would get rid of, and even prevent, pests from growing on the grass. Mowing the lawn also prevents the accumulation of debris in the grass.

The grass grows healthy and looks healthy, which makes the overall yard appearance nice. Cutting the grass at an equal height would allow it to get equal nourishment and distribution of available resources.

How to Use a Lawn Mower

In order for one to take care of a lawn mower, the operator should be able to know first how to start and use a lawn mower properly. Before starting the lawn mower, it is important to prepare the area to be mowed first. Clear the area of debris like stones and things like toys.

Move the lawn mower to an open and grassy area afterward. The next thing to do is to check if the motor has enough fuel and is properly oiled. Depending on the type of engine, check the oil using a dipstick (4-stroke engine) or mix the oil with the gas (2-stroke engine) following the required ratio and type.

Also, check if the spark plug is well attached to the motor. It is also important to prime the carburetor by pushing the button (usually color red or black) two (2) to four (4) times so that the gas is forced into the lines of the lawn mower. Do not go overboard with pushing the button so that the engine would not be flooded with gasoline.

Open the throttle, usually found on the handle or the body of the engine, and put the throttle lever to the desired position. When all is done, it is time to pull the starter cord and start with the mowing. One should also not forget to wear the proper protection devices for the eyes, ears, and feet.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It is important to check the oil before using the lawn mower, especially when the unit has not been used for a long time. Check the level of the oil using a dip stick. Add oil if needed and use the correct oil required in the user manual.

The blade or blades of the lawn mower are the most important component of the machine so it is important for the blades to be sharpened regularly. If one has no experience in this aspect, it is recommended that one should hire the services of a lawn mower mechanic.

Finally, the gas is also important for those lawn mowers that run on gas. This, however, does not apply to the electric type of lawn mowers. In filling up the gas tank, do not fill the tank too high so that the chance of the gas spilling and causing fire is unlikely.

To avoid destroying the machine, use the correct gas needed by the lawn mower. If you’re not sure which type, it is always prudent to check your user’s manual for confirmation.